Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn   is a writer, photographer and editor who's taught at both New York University and the City University of New York. He's not a southern lawyer, U.S. naval commander, research dermatopathologist, Irish politician or New Jersey police captain. Those are all other Googleable Timothy Quinns, and they will happily remit outstanding debts on his behalf.

This particular Timothy Quinn has written professionally on such diverse subjects as technology, psychology, education, law and politics, appearing in Z Magazine, The Australia Financial Review, SpaceDaily, Prospect, BYTE and the New Orleans Review. Several of his articles are syndicated by Featurewell.

Octopus Intelligence His latest book is Octopus Intelligence, published by Guernica Editions and available in North America and Europe through retailers such as Amazon.com and Indigo.ca. To learn more, visit the official Octopus Intelligence website.

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Whether confronting doomsday prophesy or alternative science, the popular media generally contribute to hysterical misperception by attempting to negotiate an inherent conflict of interest between responsible journalism and salacious hard copy. "The Day the World Shuts Down" was Newsweek's 1998 attempt to objectively analyze the new millennium's Y2K crisis. A year later, CNN was "Bracing for Guerrilla Warfare in Cyberspace." Time Magazine lunged at us from another direction with its 2001 cover story "Summer of the Shark," drifting back into deeper waters with a 2002 cover story on "The Bible and the Apocalypse." Blaming the media, however, is perhaps a little like blaming one's reflection for being overweight: we're all responsible for the information we choose to consume and the degree of personal gullibility we're inclined to tolerate.

From If You're Reading This, The World Didn't End Last Thursday

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The Creature in the Map: A Journey to El Dorado by Charles Nicholl (ISBN-10: 0226580253)

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